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Information about running9586443

upcoming shows:

11/7/14 @ death by audio (brooklyn, ny) w/ music blues, dreebs, excepter, dog 10pm $0

11/8/14 @ st. vitus (brooklyn, ny) w/ dream police, pampers, laced 10pm $0

11/24/14 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ thee oh sees, jack name 10pm $0

11/25/14 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ thee oh sees, jack name 10pm $0

past shows:

10/24/14 @ wisco (madison, wi) w/ oozing wound, yakuza, father murphy, waterworld 10pm $0

10/25/14 @ eagles club (minneapolis, mn) w/ oozing wound, blind shake, weakwick 10pm $0

10/26/14 @ riverwest public house (milwaukee, wi) w/ oozing wound, storm chaser 10pm $0

10/27/14 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ oozing wound, rectal hygienics 10pm $0

9/27/14 @ multikulti (chicago, il) w/ indian jewelry, soupcans, hag face, ono 10pm $0

9/24/14 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ spray paint, the rebel, deaf wish 10pm $0

8/01/14 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ parquet courts 10pm $0

6/29/14 @ situations (chicago, il) w/ blind shake, tyvek, oozing wound 10pm $0

6/26/14 @ reggie's (chicago, il) w/ lydia lunch, retrovirus, toupee, nones 10pm $0

5/31/14 @ northwestern university (evanston, il) w/ 2 chainz, chance the rapper 10pm $0

5/29/14 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ ex-cult, earring 10pm $0

4/27/14 @ cactus club (milwaukee, wi) w/ blind shake, vocokesh, haunted leather 10pm $0

4/26/14 @ grumpy's (minneapolis, mn) w/ blind shake 10pm $0

4/25/14 @ mickey's (madison, wi) w/ a haircut, diembodied monks 10pm $0

3/27/14 @ club rectum (chicago, il) w/ burnt ones, raw mccartney, thunders, rectal hygienics 10pm $0

1/25/14 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ earthless, destruction unit, yakuza 10pm $0

10/24/13 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ oozing wound, the body, toupee 10pm $0

10/18/13 @ club rectum (chicago, il) w/ pampers, child abuse, staer, rectal hygienics 10pm $0

9/28/13 @ cropped out (louisville, ky) w/ bands 10pm $0

9/27/13 @ back door (bloomington, in) w/ cave, thee open sex 10pm $0

9/22/13 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ pop1280 10pm $0

9/13/13 @ schubas (chicago, il) w/ no age 10pm $0

8/31/13 @ logan square auditorium (chicago, il) w/ ty segall, axis:sova 10pm $0

8/24/13 @ cataracts music fest (indianapolis, in) w/ bands 7pm $0

8/14/13 @ vice magazine casa indio (chicago, il) w/ bitchin bajas 10pm $0

8/2/13 @ arts of life (chicago, il) w/ arts of life band 6pm $0

7/19/13 @ rotted tooth fest (chicago, il) w/ wolf eyes, bitchin bajas, sewn leather, toupee, gula gila 10pm $0

6/27/13 @ wally's world (chicago, il) w/ burnt ones, vacation club, leave me bes 10pm $0

6/21/13 @ flood island (calgary, AB) w/ warm soda, burnt ones, cop city chill pillars, hag face, tough age, lots others 6pm $0 

6/20/13 @ commonwealth (calgary, AB) w/ off!, chlorinator, b-lines 10pm $0

5/28/13 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ broken water, torture love 10pm $0

4/22/13 @ burlington (chicago, il) w/ spray paint, oozing wound 10pm $0

3/31/13 @ owl (chicago, il) w/ obnox, ono 10pm $0

3/2/13 @ quarters (milwaukee, wi) w/ lamps, aluminum knot eye 10pm $0

3/1/13 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ lamps, useless eaters 10pm $0

2/8/13 @ drag city (chicago, il) w/ becca mann 10pm $0

11/18/12 @ burlington (chicago, il) w/ thurston moore and frank rosaly, call of the wild, dick vain 10pm $0

11/17/12 @ double happiness (columbus, oh) w/ cave, connections 10pm $0

11/16/12 @ the shop (pittsburgh, pa) w/ cave, gang wish 10pm $0

11/15/12 @ johnny brenda's (philadelphia, pa) w/ cave, purling hiss 10pm $0

11/14/12 @ 285 kent (brooklyn, ny) w/ cave, pampers, pc worship 10pm $0

11/13/12 @ mercury lounge (new york, ny) w/ cave, p.g. six 10pm $0

11/12/12 @ great scott (boston, ma) w/ cave, people of the north, fjords, new england patriots 10pm $0

11/11/12 @ vfw (florence, ma) w/ cave, dreebs, guerrilla toss 10pm $0

11/10/12 @ the vault (buffalo, ny) w/ cave, gut pole, pang 10pm $0

11/9/12 @ happy dog (cleveland, oh) w/ cave, radio people 10pm $0

11/8/12 @ hideout (chicago, il) w/ cave, tyvek 10pm $0

11/2/12 @ multikulti (chicago, il) w/ solid attitude, nones, oozing wound 10pm $0

10/8/12 @ the whistler (chicago, il) w/ many places 10pm $0

9/2/12 @ multikulti (chicago, il) w/ puffy areolas, zath, lil tits 10pm $0

8/22/12 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ gary war, dusty bibles 10pm $0

8/19/12 @ frank's power plant (milwaukee, wi) w/ moss folk, ifihadahifi, technicolor teeth 10pm $0

8/18/12 @ ACRE (steuben, wi) w/ shades 10pm $0

8/17/12 @ freewheel (madison, wi) w/ a haircut 10pm $0

7/21/12 @ nowheresville (chicago, il) w/ pampers, foster care, the biz 10pm $0

7/17/12 @ burlington (chicago, il) w/ hollows, potions, runnies 10pm $0

6/27/12 @ burlington (chicago, il) w/ hot guts, bootblacks, unur 10pm $0

5/23/12 @ rainbo club (chicago, il) asshole savant record release 10pm $0

5/20/12 @ crown tap (chicago, il) w/ pop.1280, brain idea, toupee 10pm $0

4/21/12 @ reckless records (chicago, il) w/ verma, atlas moth, pamphleteers 4pm $0

3/20/12 @ burlington (chicago, il) w/ blasted canyons, vamos 9pm $0

3/10/12 @ empty bottle (chicago, il) w/ bad drugs, bitchin' bajas, stacian 10pm $0

1/21/12 @ dust bowl (chicago, il) w/ pleasure leftists, brain idea, bad drugs 9pm $0

11/12/11 @ bonerville (st. louis, mo) w/ catholic guilt, little big bangs 7pm $0

11/11/11 @ mojo's (columbia, mo) w/ cave, hott lunch, jerusalem and the starbaskets 9pm $0

11/9/11 @ carleton college (northfield, mn) w/ cave, toilet 7pm $0

11/8/11 @ medusa (minneapolis, mn) w/ cave, food pyramid 7pm $0

11/7/11 @ empty bottle (1035 n. western, chicago) w/ cave, bird names 10pm $0

11/6/11 @ mickey's (madison, wi) w/ cave, samantha glass, lonesome savages 7pm $0

11/5/11 @ riverwest public house (milwaukee, wi) w/ cave, catacombz, trophy wives, absolutely 7pm $0

10/21/11 @ mortville (2106 s. kedzie, chicago) w/ pop. 1280, nones, moonrises 10pm $0

9/18/11 @ empty bottle (1035 n. western, chicago) w/ cheveu, e+ 10pm $0

9/10/11 @ university of wisconsin (madison, wi) w/ tv ghost 7pm $0

9/4/11 @ ball hall (1621 n. kedzie, chicago) w/ puffy areolas, naked island, et habit 10pm $0

8/19/11 @ subterranean (2011 w. north, chicago) w/ joan of arc, implodes 9pm $0

7/31/11 @ empty bottle (1035 n. western, chicago) w/ bad drugs, bitchin' bajas, andy ortmann 10pm $0

7/17/11 @ mortville (2106 s. kedzie, chicago) bitchpork fest 5pm $0

6/27/11 @ empty bottle (1035 n. western, chicago) w/ loose dudes, empty heads 10pm $0

6/9/11 @ crown liquors (2800 n. milwaukee, chicago) w/ cacaw, tinsel teeth 10pm $0

5/6/11 @ mortville (2106 s. kedzie, chicago) w/ broken water, lechuguillas, moonrises 10pm $0

5/2/11 @ truman college (1145 w. wilson, chicago) state of the arts avant garde conference 7pm $0

3/26/11 @ reuben's palace (1620 n. fairfield, chicago) w/ velcro lewis, circuit des yeux, puffy areolas 10pm $0

2/25/11 @ hideout (1354 w. wabansia, chicago) w/ anatomy of habit, bottomless pit 10pm $0

2/16/11 @ beauty bar (1444 w. chicago, chicago) w/ population, black math 10pm $0

1/30/11 @ empty bottle (1035 n. western, chicago) w/ tyvek, heavy times 10pm $0

11/18/10 @ reuben's palace (1620 n. fairfield, chicago) w/ sex worker, psychic reality 10pm $0

11/13/10 @ the cave (detroit, mi) w/ bad party, dead zkinz, roach clip, kommie kilpatrick 10pm $0

11/12/10 @ cool ranch (cleveland, oh) w/ jerk, library time, primitives 10pm $0

11/11/10 @ marvelous (philadelphia, pa) w/ lazy magnet 8pm $0

11/10/10 @ cake shop (new york, ny) w/ sky juice, unstoppable death machines, john ryan fell 9pm $0

11/9/10 @ death by audio (brooklyn, ny) w/ queening, unstoppable death machines, tournament 9pm $0

11/8/10 @ charter oak cultural center (hartford, ct) w/ girls in the boy scouts 8pm $0

11/7/10 @ helter shelter (pittsburgh, pa) w/ diet cokeheads, livin' free, secret tombs 10pm $0

11/6/10 @ brown town (athens, oh) w/ bob hatt 10pm $0

11/6/10 @ used kids records (columbus, oh) w/ cheap encounters, tank war 7 6pm $0

11/5/10 @ heorot attic (muncie, in) w/ josh condon, webcam teens 10pm $0

11/4/10 @ ball hall (1621 n. kedzie, chicago) w/ population 1280, cacaw, busy bodies 9pm $0

11/2/10 @ empty bottle (1035 n. western, chicago) w/ fabulous diamonds, wet hair, pigeons 9pm $0

10/22/10 @ the hideout (1354 w. wabansia, chicago) w/ loose dudes, tv ghost 9pm $0

10/2/10 @ permanent records (1914 w. chicago, chicago) w/ dead luke 6pm $0

10/1/10 @ university of chicago (hyde park, chicago) w/ dead luke 10pm $0

8/28/10 @ the mopery (2734 n. milwaukee, chicago) final mopery show ever w/ loose dudes, lechuguillas, tiger hatchery, a billion others 7pm-5am $0

8/27/10 @ the hideout (1354 w. wabansia, chicago) w/ michael columbia, verma 9pm $0

8/9/10 @ mortville (2106 s. kedzie, chicago) w/ landlords, loose dudes, bad drugs 10pm $0

7/31/10 @ reuben's palace (1620 n. fairfield, chicago) w/ puffy areolas, bitchin bajas, lechuguillas 10pm $0

7/2/10 @ the mopery (2734 n. milwaukee, chicago) w/ daily void, chickens, et habit 10pm $0

5/21/10 @ WHPK pure hype, hosted by lance & liz of permanent records (88.5FM, chicago) w/ shearing pinx, nu sensae 9pm $0

5/21/10 @ the bakery (1824 w. 21st st, chicago) w/ shearing pinx, nu sensae, plastic crimewave sound 9pm $0

4/17/10 @ the mopery (2734 n. milwaukee, chicago) w/ puffy areolas, moonrises, ono, bad drugs 10pm $0

4/9/10 @ the hideout (1354 w. wabansia, chicago) w/ mi ami 9pm $0

3/23/10 @ permanent records (1914 w. chicago, chicago) w/ gunslingers 6pm $0

3/10/10 @ enemy gallery (1550 n. milwaukee, chicago) w/ city center, tiger hatchery, human hands, flower man 9pm $0

2/25/10 @ the mopery (2734 n. milwaukee, chicago) w/ lechuguillas, unmanned ship, heavy times, blood mambas 9pm $0

2/7/10 @ halfway house (1742 n. milwaukee, 3rd floor, chicago) w/ drunkdriver, the catburglars, raw nerve, no slogan 8pm $0

1/25/10 @ empty bottle (1035 n. western, chicago) w/ cacaw, moonrises 9pm $0

12/13/09 @ mortville (2106 s. kedzie, chicago) w/ lechuguillas, tiger hatchery, clan of the cave bear, horse bladder 9pm $0

11/14/09 @ ottoman empire (2820 w. lyndale, chicago) w/ skin graft, j. guy/forbes duo, j. soliday, shattered hymen, loose dudes 10pm $0

10/24/09 @ the mopery (2734 n. milwaukee, chicago) w/ evil spirits, nothingberry plasma, j. soliday, tiger hatchery 10pm $0

running tape #1: sold out (priority male)

running tape #2: sold out (catholic tapes)

running tape #3: sold out (priority male) running alone

running tape #4: sold out (permanent records) cassette version of record #1

running tape #5: sold out (priority male) running forever

running tape #6: sold out (rotted tooth) running doesn't grow on trees

running record #1: sold out (permanent records) s/t

running record #2: sold out (HBSP-2X/captcha records) asshole savant

running record #3: available (castle face) vaguely ethnic

running 45 #1: sold out (catholic tapes/priority male) split w/ loose dudes

running 45 #2: available (god?/drag city)

contact us at runningband at gmail dot com

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